Most businesses do not have a partner in their corner to do tax planning. Their efforts consist of trying to read their profit and loss forms to determine taxable income. This is not an easy thing to do. At best, they make estimated tax payments sometimes paying too much for their taxes or not enough. A skilled tax professional is able to review the profit and loss forms and other record keeping to determine the various weights of the deductions and estimate a range of what the net profit or net loss will be. Both have an impact on their personal taxes and such depending upon how their business is set up. This is how we operate. 

Team Work

Our clients will have a choice of three or four consultations throughout the year. Through each consultation, we will review business records, and make recommendations for adjusting withholding (if w2 is involved with their tax situation) or estimated taxes depending upon the data provided. A report and pre-recorded video of the report is provided for the client and a phone call is able to be set up in case of any questions. The video recording allows the client to review thoroughly without missing anything, and review the report along with the tax professional for ease of understanding and application. 


With three or four consultations spread out throughout the year, our firm can catch any changes in your tax situation and look to put in remediation before any next tax filing surprises arise. This is a partnership as we will have our responsibility and our clients will have theirs. We have managed this well with our existing clients and encourage it for all serious business owners. Once a business is profitable, the game changes "so to speak". A five thousand dollar increase in taxable income could be the difference between owing a thousand or owing multiple thousand dollars when tax season comes! We enjoy the opportunity to partner with our clients to tax plan and keep them accountable.