Prior Year Review

A Prior Year Review can do a lot of good. It may grant peace of mind knowing that your taxes were filed correctly. It may also resolve any suspicion or curiosity regarding whether your taxes were filed right and accurately. Maybe there was an additional credit you were given but you didn't really meet the qualifications. Perhaps, the person who did your taxes informed you of something they could put on your tax return that didn't make sense. Having a check-up to ensure your return is as accurate as possible also helps remediate any potential audits down the road. 


Here is the process: 


1. Upon agreement with the service, we will add you to our secure client portal

2. We will then have you sign the agreement, and make the payment upfront

3. You will be able to upload your prior year's tax documents (full tax returns for both federal and state or business tax returns) 

4. We will review them and prepare a report for your review as well as a summary concerning any highlights or changes that may need to occur (if any) 


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