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This level of service is a great fit for most business owners. They will receive services monthly such as Profit & Loss, and Cashflow reports. We will also provide a report for any adjustments needed concerning recordkeeping or recommendations. Our clients are added to our secure client portal for secure and efficient communication. The goal is that we maintain efficient record-keeping for your business while helping you understand the numbers so that you can make wise decisions. We will have a connection through your accounting software to help edit and review categorization throughout the year. You get to focus on what you enjoy doing, and we get to partner with you in your success. The limit is 100 transactions per month for Standard services, so keep that in mind!


Perhaps you need more from the Bookkeeping Service? Check out the other two options below. Also, Year Round Planning is a good logical decision as well which comes with Tax Planning and Year Round Support for tax and business questions.

A Professional Bookkeeper is also able to help decipher the numbers. They are a resource in your corner that you can use to help make sense of the numbers or provide reports in a way that is easier to understand. Reading financial data incorrectly could cause a business to scale because it looks profitable but in actuality is struggling with cash flow. 

Our Small Business Packages From January to December Calendar Year 

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