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A lot of Business owners we talk to are not ready for a full-time or part-time bookkeeper. They are handling that side of the business themselves while trying to grow their business to be more profitable. For some, it works out well enough. For the vast majority, their record keeping suffers thus exposing them to heinous results in the event of a federal or state audit. We have introduced this service for the company or business so they can benefit from a short-term project and still get their bookkeeping needs met. If your company is not interested in a Year Round plan for bookkeeping, the next best thing is to get a Bookkeeping cleanup project. 

Behind on bookkeeping, leverage a professional bookkeeping clean up service

What is the process for a Bookkeeping Cleanup?

Here is how to get started. We want to review a copy of your categorized profit/loss form for the Year to Date to take a look at your records. From there, we may require an invitation to your platform in order to review your chart of accounts, bank reconciliation, and so forth to identify all of the work necessary to get you caught up. Afterward, we will provide a quote to sign via our Secure Client Portal. The next phase is to go through our Onboarding process and we will begin the work! We will have a few calls scheduled throughout the multiple-week process and close out with a final call to ensure that the results are met per the expectations set. Our client comes out with great records and this is a process that they can potentially engage in multiple times a year, especially towards the end of the year and beginning of the year, to ensure that your business has effective, clear, and understandable business records for your tax professional. Sign up below by filling out some information, then set up an appointment on the following page. 



Our Small Business Packages From January to December Calendar Year 

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